Sonshine Park Construction     

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11/30/08 - Most of the playground equipment is in place.
11/30/08 - Three double-sided climbing walls will make for a lot of fun.
11/30/08 - What looks like a seat on the right is springy, and a modern day reincarnation of monkey bars is on the left.
11/30/08 - Set at different levels, these pods let children jump to the monkey bars.
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11/30/08 - There's lots of excitement on this double seat bike. There's no pedaling, but lots of springy action.
11/30/08 - No park is complete without a slide. This park has two.
11/30/08 - The pathway along the river makes for a nice walk.
6/14/09 - The swings have been hung and have been getting a good workout by both church and neighborhood children

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