Immanuel Baptist Church
PO Box 703
Hoquiam, WA 98550
PHONE: 360-533-2012
EMAIL: the church office

SERVICE: Sunday @ 10:00 a.m.






Through the great faith and perseverence of 12 Swedish immigrants, Immanuel Baptist Church was established on September 19,1904. With a God-given vision for the future and passion for the lost, they built a church that would hold almost 500 people. In the fall of 1906, the congregation dedicated the structure at 4th and J Streets.


During 2004, the people of Immanuel came together to celebrate 100 years of ministry in the same location and to thank God for His faithfulness.


In 2006, we stood just as our founding fathers did; facing a new opportunity to expand the ministry God had entrusted to us.





"God has strategically placed us here."

-Pastor Kent Gravley


One of the highights of ministry for me was the completion of our new facility. I thank God for His provision of people and resources and that you continue in your generosity. As we think of our church today, we are reminded that we are a church committed to Growing in Faith Together. All that we do is designed to help our people grow in their personal relationship with Christ.


Growing in Faith Together puts the emphasis where God does, not only with Himself, but with one another. At Immanuel, we seek to live out our faith in relationships with one another. This is not always easy in today's fractured society, and Satan is certainly opposed to such a committment. But still we consistently evaluate our ministries in light of how they encourage our love for one another.


God desires us to be Growing in Faith Together as we reach others. At Immanuel, we look for ways to minister to the needs of those outside the church. This includes not only the spiritual needs of others, but also their physical or emotional needs.


As we contribute our spiritual and financial resources to For Such a Time as This, we increase our ability to grow in faith together. I thank you for your support.


Pastor Kent Gravley





Through a successful campaign, we have been able to:


  • Retire the debt of the new facility

  • Expand our church programs

  • Partner with other community programs

  • Programs being considered include:

    • After school children's programs

    • Young adult ministries

    • Soup kitchen

    • Christian youth camps

    • Family ministries

    • Young mothers

    • Senior ministries

    • Conferences and concerts

    • Support groups


"I am greatly appreciative for the leadership and the difference Immanuel Baptist Church and Sonshine Park are making in Hoquiam's north end."

-Mayor Jack Durney, City of Hoquiam



The debt was retired in early December 2016.