Immanuel Baptist Church
PO Box 703
Hoquiam, WA 98550
PHONE: 360-533-2012
EMAIL: the church office

SERVICE: Sunday @ 10:00 a.m.



The refrigerator is cleaned out every two weeks.


We ask that NO leftovers be left in the refrigerator unless they have been dated and clearly labeled as to who left them and what they will be used for. There are masking tape, sticky notes, and a pen in the small drawer by the pop machine. If not accounted for, food and containers left behind will be thrown out. Consider taking letfover food to the Union Gospel Mission or Fellowship House. Arrangements are easily made with a phone call and should be taken care of that day or night.



The whole kitchen or part thereof is available for you to use. Please clean it up before you leave.


Please wipe down the prep table with a bleach solution to sterilize the surface (one capful of bleach in a quart or two of warm water). Leave all coffee pots on the prep table unassembled so the parts can air-dry before putting away. This prevents mold. We will be responsible for reassembly and putting away.



Please DO NOT blow out the small flames in the middle of each burner on the stove.


These are pilot lights and must be lit for the burner to operate.



It is our policy to throw away all plastic tablecloths after each use.


They cannot be cleaned in a sanitary manner.



Directions for using the dishwasher are near the machine.


Please follow the directions carefully and completely. We like our dishwasher and hope to keep it for years.



If you use our kitchen towels, sponges, ,etc., please leave the soiled ones on the counter to the right of the sink with the hose.


We will be responsible for cleaning them.