Coming Events

Vespsers Worship Sept. 22

"Vespers" is a multi-denominational gathering of congregations in Grays Harbor to worship the Lord and seek him in prayer. 

It's our privilege this month to host Vespers at Immanuel! See you there!

Harvest Potluck Oct. 29

Hang around after church on 10/29 for some great fellowship, fun, food, and games!

A-F bring Au gratin potatoes
or sweet potato casserole

G-J bring dinner rolls

K-M bring green bean casserole or corn

N-Z bring pumpkin pie

Matthew Smith Nov.6

Matthew Smith is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who writes brand new melodies to centuries-old hymn texts, helping guide people into emotionally honest worship. He is a founding member of the Indelible Grace community, whose work has drawn acclaim across denominational lines and is used in churches around the world. 

Learn more at Matthew's website.

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